Testimonials from some of Lyn's students

I have been attending Lyn's pottery classes for over 2 years. Lyn is a

fantastic teacher; whether you are a complete novice or experienced potter

the classes are aimed at everyone. It is a great learning environment; fun,

very inspirational and everybody is really friendly and supportive. I have

learned so much since attending the classes; Lyn is an extremely

knowledgable, talented ceramic artist and has an extensive range of

equipment and resources available for her students to use.

Lisa Day

“The studio sessions are a great idea”

Lyn has kilns, slab roller, pottery wheel, glazes, clay, tools, books, all the things you need to make sculptures, cups, tiles, bowls, pots or whatever you fancy. You start with a slab of clay and an idea, you seek as much tutition as you require for the teak and after a couple of sessions, you have the finished products. Terrific for small or big gifts such as Xmas decorations, jewellery, garden or houseware. You can do multiple or single projects, quirky or traditional its up to you.

Just hammer out all of those day to day frustrations on that clay!!

It’s a great way to spend a morning.

Jane Moule

The atmosphere in Lyn’s classes is very relaxed and enjoyable.

She is very supportive of our individual creative pursuits and guides us with her extensive knowledge and experience. Her passion for her craft is obvious and infectious!!

Monique Wynen

I commenced classes back in March 2010, and I must say it was a great choice. Apart from being in a small group that ensures you get plenty of guidance, it proved to be one of the friendliest, relaxed art groups that I have ever been a part of.

Lyn herself has a wealth of knowledge that she generously shares, with every member of the group to encourage ideas and creativity.

If you are looking for an outlet, whether you are an absolute behineer or have an art background, there is something here for everyone.

I cannot recommend this group highly enough.

Janice Mullins

I can’t tell you how much I enjoy your classes. Your unique professional teaching has opened my eyes to so much creative possibility. You have given me the tools to create and blossom. Thank you ever so much.

I would tell anyone who was thinking of learning to sculpt… this is the lady to do it with!

Vivi Meheust

Lyn understands the processes of working with clay and communicates that knowledge generously to enable me to express myself and transform the clay.

With Lyn’s tutelage and patience, I am learning the many skills that are needed to turn blocks of clay into lasting creations from my own imagination.

Donna Best

It was 18months ago when I decided to explore some creative activity in pottery. I searched the internet for classes and found Lyn’s classes on Gumtree. To my surprise, as I went there in essence to learn how to use the pottery wheel, I found myself having enormous fun learning how to hand build bowls and figures, in fact objects that grab my imagination. It’s a wonderful 3 hr session on a Sat morning where up to six of us gather to create, inspire, support and learn.

Lyn has an amazing knack of teaching the principles of clay work while I make items of interest to me.

At the same time I get the benefit of picking up tips from other class members and getting future ideas. “Well worth the time.

Jo Harrison

Pottery and sculpture classes on the Sunshine Coast at Coolum with Lyn McGlade